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European Union Law

We frequently advise on issues of European Law and matters arising under the Treaty of Rome particularly in the areas of anti-competitive practices, dominant position issues, franchising, selective distribution, market regulation, anti-dumping and freedom of movement of goods and services.

We have successfully challenged the validity and enforceability of aspects of UK statutes on the basis that they are not compliant with European Union Law and have been responsible for opening up extensive new markets in the UK for products the free sale of which was previously restricted.

We have also successfully challenged the market practices of various dominant companies whose business activities were found to be contrary to the provisions of the Treaty of Rome thereby securing substantial commercial advantage for our clients.

We act for clients who are engaged in proceedings before the European Court or may be subject to the procedures of the European Commission.

We have been involved in a number of cases involving the preparation and submission to the European Commission of formal Complaints on behalf of clients who consider that their interests have been prejudiced by the anti-competitive activities of other companies operating within the European Union, or resisting or advising in relation to Complaints to which our clients find themselves subject.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of European Union Law please contact Christopher J Sherliker who has himself worked with the European Commission and who specialised in this area exclusively for a number of years.