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Silverman Sherliker have an extensive range of sites covering all aspects of Law,

Accelerated Possessions
We assist UK landlords evict tenants at the end of a fixed term tenancy using the accelerated possession procedure. Our accelerated possession service is fast, discreet and cost-effective.

Business Lease Advice

If you are thinking about taking a lease of premises, whether office, shop, warehouse or any other type of business premises you need to make sure that you understand what issues need to be addressed and how to deal with them.

We advise shareholders in a company to use a shareholders agreement. If you are a majority shareholder you will want to control any minority shareholders, particularly when it comes to selling your company or if they are exiting employees. If you are a minority shareholder you will want to ensure enhanced rights and more of a say in the business.

City Charity Services

City Charity Services is a one-stop source of professional services for the UK charity sector working together to provide UK Charities with a full range of professional services

Company Restoration
If your Company has been struck off or had its assets frozen, we will do all the work necessary to get your company back on the register as quickly as possible and with the least hassle or cost to you.

Compromise Agreement

This site is dedicated exclusively to providing you with free inital advice and guidance on Compromise Agreements.

Contesting A Will

The one-stop web resource that tells you everything you need to know about contesting a Will, the legal reasons for contesting a Will and UK law and procedure on contesting Wills.

Directors Disputes

This site looks at the problems that can arise when disputes occur in the boardroom and how they can be tackled.

Divorce Advice Direct

Divorce Advice Direct is a service offered by Silverman Sherliker LLP,a fully-resourced firm of London solicitors based in the City of London providing an extensive range of legal advice and legal services to corporate, commercial and private clients.

Divorce Solicitors London

Our Divorce and Family Law team provides accessible divorce and family law services for a wide range clients based not only in London, but nationally and around the world, from our conveniently-located offices in the City of London.

Fidelis International

A global network of independent law firms.

Mallorca UK Legal

Mallorca UK Legal offers expert advice from London solicitors with a presence in Mallorca. We provide UK expatriate residents with a convenient legal resource to protect their UK interests.

Our Twitter Page

Here you will find a collection of our solicitors who are on Twitter. Read their feeds, follow them or send them a tweet.

Pensions Lawyer Blog

Jennie Kreser heads up the Pension Law Unit at Silverman Sherliker advising sponsoring employers and Trustees of occupational pension schemes on this complex and evolving area of law.

Prenuptial Agreements UK

The prenuptial agreement UK web-site that tells you everything you need to know about having a prenuptial agreement.

Shareholder Disputes

We have a successful track record in negotiating settlements of shareholder disputes and partnership disputes. Our involvement can avoiding costly and time-consuming trials and so preserve the value and profitability of the business.

Silverman Sherliker Blog
Silverman Sherliker LLP is a fully-resourced firm of solicitors based in the City of London, providing an extensive range of legal advice and services to corporate, commercial and private clients.

Trademark Oppositions

We are dedicated to providing you with free expert legal help on the new UK trade mark opposition procedure and how to oppose and defend trade marks that conflict with yours.

London Law Firm

Chris Sherliker is a founding partner of Silverman Sherliker LLP, a full-service London law firm and one of the very first UK solicitors on Twitter.

UK Trademark Registration

If you need fast, reliable legal advice on any aspect of trademark registration you are in the right place. Let us do the hard work for you!

EU Trademark Registration

Take advantage of our free legal consultation service. You will receive immediate practical legal advice completely free of charge from our specialist Trade Mark Advice Unit.

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