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Welcome to our February Ewire

We like to keep you up to date with ideas and information that will help you gain the maximum advantage from working with us.

Our Ewires will be sent to you regularly to keep you in touch with the latest legal news and we hope you will find these bulletins interesting.

In this edition we consider the many questions facing married couples considering divorce, rights and risks associated with photography, and abandonment of the Law Commissions proposals on the rights of cohabitees.

We also look at the issues surrounding trade mark fraud, while also investigating the revised tribunal payment limits and what happens to pensions when couples divorce.

Our client showcase this month features Erskine Hall & Coe, the fine arts and ceramics gallery, while we conclude our Ewire by taking a look at the recent Office Olympics hosted by Silverman Sherliker.

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Dilemmas – help is at hand for couples considering a divorce

Married couples considering divorce may be facing many questions and dilemmas.

Can they separate without divorcing? Should they divorce? Where will they go? The list goes on, but as Family Partner Stala Charalambous explains, the process can be constructive if handled with sensitivity and care.

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That Kodak Moment: Rights and risks associated with photography

Recent cases and legislation have made advising photographers more complicated. Jonathan Silverman, Commercial Partner, highlights some of the issues that arise.

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Cohabitees left in the dark once again as Law Commission’s proposals fall through

Perhaps, surprisingly for most cohabitants, there is no such thing as a “common law wife.” A person who has been living together with his/her partner in the same household “as husband and wife” without being married does not have automatic rights against their partner should they decide to separate in the future.  Trainee Solicitor, Anna Stanworth and intern, Abirami Ragukaran, discuss the myth of the common law wife and the Law Commission’s attempts to encourage reform to what many consider to be an unfair area of law.

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Trade Mark owners beware: before you pay that official-looking invoice...

Many companies are dipping into public registers to identify the owners of registered trade marks, designs and patents, before targeting them with high fees under official-sounding names. Legal Advisor Tristan Sherliker investigates this worrying practice.

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Revised Tribunal Payment Limits

The latest limits on payments in relation to judgments made by the Employment Tribunals have just been released showing rises in the upper levels of compensation for unfair dismissal.

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Pensions on divorce: what happens?

The latest estimates suggest 31,000 public sector workers will file for divorce this year, but with reform of their pensions hanging in the balance, what would happen to this valuable asset? Pensions partner Jennie Kreser recently commented for IFAonline, click to the below link to find out more:

Pension reform: How to advise divorcee clients

Jennie (jik@silvermansherliker.co.uk) advises Trustees of pension schemes. 

Our Family Partner, Stala Charalambous (sec@silvermansherliker.co.uk), advises on all aspects of separation, divorce and other family matters.

They may be contacted on the above email addresses or by calling +44 (0)20 7749 2700

Client Showcase – Erskine Hall & Coe

This month we are pleased to feature our clients Eskine Hall & Coe. Erskine Hall Coe are a fine arts and ceramics gallery based in central Mayfair, off Bond Street.

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What’s on your Mind?

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Office Olympics

We are delighted to announce the success of the inaugural Carter Backer Winter Office Olympics, hosted by Silverman Sherliker.

On 30 January 2012 fans and Olympians alike were treated to (and participated in) a festival of sports, which tested the (office) athletes to their breaking limits. 


Property trainee Lina Isaac showing the intense concentration needed to prevail A gold in the Indoor boules for Adam Powell

Four other professional services firms competed in events that included Beer Pong, Indoor Boules and racing the Managing Partners’ “radio-controlled” cars. 

The next round of the competition will take place in April.


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