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Welcome to our January Ewire

We like to keep you up to date with ideas and information that will help you gain the maximum advantage from working with us.

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In this edition, we consider the issues surrounding gym membership contracts, copyright for yoga poses and the duty of confidentiality employees have towards their new employers, as well as the vital importance of break clauses for landlords and tenants of commercial property.

We also announce John Abbott as our new Managing Partner, before examining how Silverman Sherliker can help you recover money owed and the latest developments affecting pension funds.

The Ewire concludes with a look at the tax implications of owning property in Spain and the results of our Movember fundraiser.

If you would like further information on any of the issues reported here, please contact us.

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New Managing Partner: John C Abbott

The Partners of Silverman Sherliker LLP are delighted to announce that John Abbott has taken on the role of Managing Partner. 

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Minimum Terms, Unfair Practices… and Gyms

At a time of year when many people’s New Year’s resolutions include joining a gym, Company Commercial Partner Adam Powell and Trainee Solicitor Christopher Street examine what is acceptable – and what is not – in membership contracts. 

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Break Clauses in Commercial Leases: A Date for Landlords’ and Tenants’ Diaries

If you are party to a commercial lease, whether of an office, a shop or maybe a warehouse, it is possible that your lease contains a break clause. Break clauses, also known as break options, are contractual provisions which allow either or both parties to bring the lease to an early end. Richard Gordon, Senior Property Partner explains the vital importance for both landlords and tenants.

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Adopting the Warrior Pose: Things Get Hot in the Yoga Studio

The claimants in litigation involving Bikram yoga were made to sweat by a recent US Copyright Office determination invalidating copyright of a sequence of yoga poses. Avi Toltzis, Intellectual Property Assistant, explains…

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How to Ensure You Get What You Are Owed… and Fast

As every business owner knows, cash flow is king, and any business that is owed money needs to act fast. You cannot tell what may become of your debtors, so the earlier you take firm and decisive steps, the greater your chances of recovering your money.

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Pension Funds: the Hottest Topic in Town

It’s the legal and financial topic that just keeps giving… Partner Jennie Kreser is always in demand for her expert views on the latest developments affecting pension funds, so please click on the links below for the next instalments:

Section 75 named as worst piece of pensions legislation

Making the law

Getting Away from it All… Taxes Not Included

Recent figures estimate that there are more than 750,000 British homeowners in Spain, with the vast majority owning holiday homes in or close to one of the main Spanish tourist resorts.

Working full-time in the UK and spending only their holidays in Spain, such individuals do not generally exceed the 183-day limit required to attain tax residency in Spain, and are therefore classed as non-residents.

But, as Solicitor Paul Collins explains, foreign non-resident property owners are still obliged to file annual tax declarations in Spain, something that many British property owners fail to do – and then suffer the consequences.

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Employee’s Duty of Confidentiality Extended to Apply to Potential Future Employers

The High Court’s judgment in the recent case of Customer Systems Plc v Ranson, Atherton, Edmond and Offland [2011] EWHC 3304 has created a significant new precedent in relation to the responsibilities of employees who are about to move to new employers. Trainee Solicitor Christopher Elwell-Sutton reports…

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The hard work of the Mo Bros paid off as the figures were totted up after the Movember fundraiser. Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the team, male health charities have benefited to the tune of £1659.04 (yes, that’s 4 pence)… and they didn’t look silly at all!

Well done to all the Mo Bros, and many thanks to their generous supporters. 



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