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Welcome to our May Ewire

We like to keep you up to date with ideas and information that will help you gain the maximum advantage from working with us.

Our Ewires will be sent to you regularly to keep you in touch with the latest legal news and we hope you will find these bulletins interesting.

In this edition, we consider the issues to be taken into account when buying a classic car, the latest developments regarding the Bribery Act and why not paying their annual fees on time could result in premises owners having their licences suspended.

We also examine the latest issues surrounding pensions and the changing face of adoption, as well as special opportunities exclusively for our clients and a new website tackling the potential pitfalls for directors.

The Ewire concludes with a look at how our team are raising money for charity and valuable pointers for business growth.

If you would like further information on any of the issues reported here, please contact us.

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Buyer Beware

The law on misrepresentation has come a long way since the case involving an Austin Seven and the dealer who said: "It’s a nice little runner; I'd stake my life on it".

This can be seen from the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Brewer v Mann; a judgment which runs to over 120 pages.  Jonathan Silverman puts the case in context.

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Bribery Act Update

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1st July 2011 and, a couple of months earlier, Managing Partner John Abbott published an Ewire article (see Silverman Sherliker Ewire April 2011) setting out the offences and requirements of the Act, as well as guidance as to the steps necessary to avoid it springing up and biting businesses where it hurts. 

John Abbott now brings us up to date with a summary of the first Bribery Act conviction and a number of regulatory fines imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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Time, Gentlemen, Please! Do not Miss the Licence Fee Deadline… or it Could be Last Orders!

Warning: Are you a premises licence holder, running a pub, restaurant, hotel or similar operation?  A “sledgehammer to crack a nut” change in the law has recently been introduced, which could see many licence holders unwittingly having their premises licence suspended due to a mere oversight in paying the annual renewal fees on time. Property and Licensing Partner Maria Guida and Legal Intern Raphael Sendowski explain the dangers…

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Pensions Decision: It’s Still a Bit of a Soap Opera

The High Court has recently tried to clarify some of the complexity of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection for Employees) Regulations (TUPE) as it applies to pension benefits.

Some readers may be aware that there are various exemptions for old age, survivors and ill health benefits which do not normally transfer under TUPE. Confusion arose under the Beckmann and Martin decisions as to what benefits fall into the exemption and which do not.  Pensions Partner Jennie Kreser provides clarification…

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A Miscellany of Current Items on the Pension Law Front – from Pensions Partner Jennie Kreser

We are edging ever closer to the start of Auto Enrolment and the cracks are even now beginning to show. There has long been debate in the industry on whether NEST was going to be fit for purpose, mainly due to its complex rules, restrictive terms and policies and poor communication exercises.

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Directors’ Disputes: A New Solution

Silverman Sherliker’s Litigation team is pleased to announce a dedicated resource covering the potential pitfalls for directors and how to overcome them.

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How Adoption is Changing its Face

"Many children waiting for adoption never get adopted. Many parents cleared to adopt never get the chance. And even when a successful match is made, parents and children have still had to endure an agonising wait because the process just takes too long."

As Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, and also an adopted child, made clear in his speech on 23rd February 2012, one of the main problems with the adoption process in this country is that it is simply just too slow. After all, he explains, despite the interest in adoption, ‘only 60 babies were adopted in 2012’ in the UK.

Family Department Trainee, Anna Stanworth; Intern, Mara Minzat; and Partner and Head, Stala Charalambous, further explore the problems with the current adoption procedure and explain the Government’s plans for improvement.

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The Queen’s Speech

In her speech at the official state opening of Parliament, the Queen outlined the Government’s plans for the forthcoming year, including the Children and Families Bill.

We have provided links to the transcript of the Queen’s speech and further details regarding the Children and Families Bill to highlight what this means for our clients.

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Charity Enjoys View of St Mark’s Square

Inspired by a recent visit to Venice, keen artist Chris Sherliker has returned to the easel after a break of five years, to produce an evocative watercolour (shown here) of the Piazza San Marco. 

Chris auctioned the painting on Twitter/eBay to raise money for NACC – Crohn’s and Colitis UK, where it attracted a winning bid of £147.70.

Specialist HR Audit and Meeting Tailored to your Needs

At Silverman Sherliker, while we appreciate that people are at the heart of every business, we also understand the multitude of legal responsibilities and obligations that employers face on a daily basis.

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John O’Groats to Land’s End Cycle Challenge for Cancer Research

Paralegal Ben Thorogood is about to embark on a gruelling cycle ride of over 1000 miles in under ten days, which will take place between 29th June and 8th July. 

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Employment Law Seminar: A Summer Sizzler

The team at Silverman Sherliker invite you to join them for an hour-long employment law seminar, which provides a valuable update that no client can afford to miss. Please see below for details and simply click to register. 

We look forward to seeing as many Ewirereaders there as possible.

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What’s on your Mind?

Is there any particular topic or area of law (business, private client or family matters) that you would like to see us focus on in a future edition of Ewire?

Please contact the Editor, Robert MacGinn, with your requests and suggestions: rm@silvermansherliker.co.uk.

Client Showcase: Advantage Business Partnerships on Fast Tracking Business Growth

This month, Business Growth Consultant Daryl Woodhouse, Founding Director of Advantage Business Partnerships, shares his expertise in helping SMEs grow their businesses through strategic alliances and partnerships…

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