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Welcome to our February Ewire

We like to keep you up to date with ideas and information that will help you gain the maximum advantage from working with us.

Our Ewires will be sent to you regularly to keep you in touch with the latest legal news and we hope you will find these bulletins interesting.

In this edition, we consider how businesses can make the most of their intellectual property while minimising the risks involved.

We examine why the layout of a store would be worthy of trade mark protection and how employers can take further disciplinary action if new evidence comes to light. We also review the RBS/Libor story, the issues surrounding divorce and the legal framework in place, and the pitfalls of co-owning property.

Finally, we examine the effect of a civil partnership case on pensions, before concluding with a look at the development of science, technology and education in China.

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Exploiting IP While Minimising Risk

Jonathan Silverman explains how to maximise the value of intellectual property rights through proper registration, maintenance… and business savvy.

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Co-ownership of Property – Beware Costly Pitfalls

Recent court decisions have highlighted the importance of couples needing to properly document how, and in what shares, their co-owned property is held. Failure to do so can result in a costly legal dispute and have other unwanted consequences, as Intern Victoria Derban explains.

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Employment Law I: Double Jeopardy in Disciplinaries

Many employment lawyers will have been surprised to find out that, in the case of Christou & Another v London Borough of Haringey [EAT], the two employees were disciplined twice on the same set of facts and two different sanctions were imposed: first a written warning and then dismissal for gross misconduct.

What is even more surprising is that both the ET and the EAT upheld the dismissals as fair and within the band of reasonable responses.

How is this possible?  Senior Employment Partner Nicholas Lakeland explains.

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Employment Law II: RBS & Libor

Nicholas Lakeland was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme on the employment issues surrounding the RBS/Libor story. 

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Marital Breakup: A Bird’s Eye View

In response to a reader’s recent “Ask the Editor” request, our Family Partner Stala Charalambous details the principal issues arising in the breakdown of relationships, as well as the legal framework involved.

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Living the Brand

What typically comes to mind when you think of the term trade mark?  Naturally, most of us turn our thoughts to designs, logos, products and services that are discernibly associated with a particular person or company.  We see trade marks every day in a multitude of guises – packaging, advertisements, shop fronts and displays, commercials... the list goes on and on.

But, have you ever considered that the particular layout of a store could also be protected as a trade mark? 

Well, Apple has just succeeded in doing so. Why would the layout of a store be worthy of trade mark protection?  Director of Brands Robert MacGinn explains...

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Pensions in the News

Pensions Partner Jennie Kreser was recently asked to comment on how pensions payment may be affected following a civil partnership case:


Turning China into a Scientific and Technological Power

Specialist business advisers and fellow IPG members China Integrated report on China’s development of science, technology and education.

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