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Welcome to our June Ewire

We like to keep you up to date with ideas and information that will help you gain the maximum advantage from working with us.

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In this edition, we review the main considerations when dealing with management agreements for celebrities, as well as the key issues employers need to be aware of in the social media age.

We then examine how public pressure has led Disney to drop its latest trade mark application, Silverman Sherliker’s participation in the London Legal Walk and the benefits of mediation. We also consider the actions employers need to take before their auto-enrolment staging date and the implications of a Competition Appeal Tribunal decision to exclude certain extended warranties from comparison sites.

Finally, we take a look at what drew one of our specialists to a career in the law, before concluding with a guest article on the need to seek expert advice as early as possible in divorce proceedings.

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A Star is Born: Evaluating Management Agreements for a Celebrity

Ask any eight-year-old what they want to be when they grow up and odds-on the answer will be one word: “famous”.

Gone are the days when children aspired to be cricketers or ballerinas. The culture of celebrity is now well ensconced in the British psyche – just watch any of the main television channels at the weekend.

As a result, the growth in artist management continues seemingly without limits – and now even impacts on those just starting their careers. Jonathan Silverman is often asked to advise celebrities and management companies. Here, he gives his personal top 10 checklist...

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Employment Issues in the Social Media Age

The role of social media in the employment sphere is continuing to baffle employers, who are struggling to keep up to date with the changing landscape and all the employment law issues that accompany something so pervasive in our everyday interactions.  

Following on from a recent in-house seminar held by Silverman Sherliker’s Employment and Pensions team, Senior Associate Victoria Russell elaborates on her presentation. 

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Disney Backs Down over Day of the Dead Trade Mark Monopoly

Mighty film studio, Disney, has given in to pressure to drop its attempt to take exclusive legal ownership of the phrase “Day of the Dead”.

That, feared an angry army of online protesters, would have been the effect of securing a registered trade mark based on the name of the famous traditional Mexican festival, as Director of Brands Robert MacGinn explains.

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The 10km London Legal Walk

A 15-strong Silverman Sherliker team joined the annual London Legal Walk on 20 May 2013. The event was organised by the London Legal Support Trust and sponsored by the Law Society Gazette.

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Mediation: a Valuable Alternative to Litigation

It is now a year since the EU Mediation Directive 2008/52 (the Directive), relating to cross-border disputes of a civil or commercial nature, was implemented.

Mediation has been widely used in the UK for more than 20 years and is recognised as a valuable method for dispute resolution. The UK is recognised as one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to the use of mediation as an alternative to litigation. 

Trainee Solicitor Lina Isaac examines how mediation works, the benefits for the parties and the courts’ attitude towards it. Plus, she highlights some of the many mediation cases Silverman Sherliker LLP has been involved in.

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Auto-enrolment Watch: Employers Take Note...

The new workplace pensions regime is approaching for many employers. Tudor Griffiths, of Corporate Financial Planning specialists Zen Benefits, and Pensions Partner Jennie talk staging dates...

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Extended Warranties and Price Comparison Sites

The Competition Appeal Tribunal recently considered the issue of a price comparison site for extended warranties. Adam Powell, Commercial Law Partner of London City firm, Silverman Sherliker, discusses the likely implications of the decision.

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

In an occasional series, we ask some of our specialists what drew them to a career in the law. Here, Pensions Partner Jennie Kreser describes her path...

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Guest Article: Involve All Your Professionals Early In Divorce Proceedings

Following on from the last Ewire and Family Partner Stala Charalambous’s comments in relation to pensions sharing on divorce, Christopher Golledge of specialist wealth adviser Lanner Capital explains the need for taking expert advice as soon as possible.

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