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Dimitri Iesini

Dimitri Iesini Company Commercial Italian Specialist Partner Profile Dimitri Iesini
LLP Partner
Email: dgi@silvermansherliker.co.uk

Dimitri Iesini is a specialist commercial lawyer advising a vast range of companies and individuals, with a particular emphasis on the Italian market. He has many high profile Italian corporations, businesses and individuals as clients and has acted for many of these for a number of years. He is well known throughout the legal community for the advice that he provides to Italian companies on the implications of establishing and relocating their business to the UK.

Dimitri routinely advises well known Italian companies on cross border transactions and all aspects of international litigation and arbitration. He has extensive knowledge of the implication of European Law compliance and frequently advices many Italian businesses in the retail, banking and luxury goods industry in respect of this area of law. He has many Italian clients who come to him primarily for his real estate advice, especially when opening branches here in London in the exclusive shopping centres of the capital. He is also well known for negotiating complex commercial agreements in particular agency, distribution and merchandising contracts.

One thing you may be interested in knowing about Dimitri is that he is passionate about classical history