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Jennie Kreser
LLP Partner, Pensions.
Email: jik@silvermansherliker.co.uk

Jennie Kreser heads up our Pension Law Practice. She specialises in occupational pension schemes, advising sponsoring employers or trustees of pension arrangements in this highly complex and important field of law. She has advised large multi employer schemes as well as smaller single employer arrangements and has wide experience of both Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit schemes and the difficulties to which they can lead.

Jennie qualified in 1986 originally as a criminal prosecutor. Poacher turned gamekeeper, she now sits as a Magistrate in her local justice area and is an Approved Chairman. She was a member of the Board of the Legal Complaints Service throughout its existence and was a member of its Audit Committee (now replaced by the Office for Legal Complaints). Jennie has worked in both industry (at a large Actuarial Consultancy) and in the Public Sector (as Legal Director of the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority - the predecessor of the current Pension Regulator). She has worked in Private Practice at a large City law firm as well as in a major South East law practice. She joined Silverman Sherliker as a Partner in October 2009.

One thing you may be interested to know about Jennie is that she has a passion for travelling.... but only in the pointy end of the aircraft.


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