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First EU cross border merger: Practical Law
Practical Law
First EU cross border merger: the first of many?
Silverman Sherliker LLP
Inverse EU Cross Border Merger: A Legal First
Keep Calm and Plan Ahead Solicitors Journal, August 2016
Understanding the Dying to Work campaign Lexis PSL, July 2016
The Future at the Bar - Forward Thinking Lexis PSL, June 2016
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Obligations of Company Directors Solicitors Journal, February 2016
Employment Express - New Year's Issue Employment Express, January 2016
What are your Rights if A Cloakroom Loses your Coat The Guardian, December 2015
A Study of Pension Scheme Trustees
Solicitors Journal, December 2015
Employment Express - Recruitment Special
Employment Express, November 2015
The Mad Men Guide to Pensions
Pensions Insight, September 2015
Playground Wars
Solicitors Journal, August
Jennie Kreser on the Sandwich Generation
Share Radio, July
Is good governance only for large...
Professional Pensions, June
Play Fair on Pensions
Mail Online, June
Protected Disclosures under the...
Lexis Nexis, May
National Insurance Contributions and...
BBC Radio Sussex, May
Employment, Pension, and HR News
Employment Express Spring Edition
All in One Place
Solicitors Journal, April
Jennie Kreser on "Pensions Freedom"...
Sky News, April
Latest Pension Reforms and Potential Scams
BBC Radio Sussex, April
Driving Home the Importance of...
Lexis Nexis, March
Summary Dismissals and Repudiatory...
Lexis Nexis, March
Startup Britain Accused of Threatening...
Business Matters, March
Would Ya Like A Second Hand Pension...
Engaged Investor, March
Jennie Kreser on The Budget and Pensions...
BBC Radio Sussex, March
BBC Radio 4 - Agency Workers
BBC Radio 4, March
Employment Rights of Foriegn Embassy...
Lexis Nexis, February
Challenges in Managing Partners
Lexis Nexis, February
Revealed: The top twenty tweeters...
Pensions Insight, February
What the regulator's £8.5m Carrington...
Pensions Expert, February


Preparing Your Client For Selling...
Solicitors Journal, December
Employment, Pension, and HR News
Employment Express Christmas Edition
We Thought We Understood The...
Pensions Today, November
Courting attention: The boom in the six...
The Sunday Times, November
Directors’ Liability in the United Kingdom
IPG, November
Relaxing the Rules used on Savings...
BBC Radio Sussex, October
Employment Trends - Unlimited Holiday
Lexis Nexis, October
Will Scrapping CPD Requirements...
Lexis Nexis, October
Employment, Pension, and HR News
Employment Express Autumn Edition
A New Type of Trade Mark for Apple
Journal of Intellectual Property, September
The Abolishment of the 55% "death tax"
BBC Radio Sussex, September
Government and Labour Clash...
Marketing Manager, September
Pensions Update
Solicitors Journal, September
Employment, Pension, and HR News
Employment Epress World Cup Edition
Yellow Van Company..(Contempt of court)
Bailii, July
Whose Idea is it Anyway?
Solicitors Journal, July
Government's Pension Guidance
BBC Radio Sussex, July
The Conversation - Chris Sherliker
The Conversation, July
Sacked for having a Butterfly Tattoo...
Daily Mail, July
Woman Sacked in 'Ridiculous' row...
Express, July
The Death of the Water Cooler
Lexis Nexis, June
No Liens over Electronic...
EIPR, June
The Big Yellow Van v Rayner
Lawtel Weekly reports, June
Frozen Expat Pensions
BBC Radio Surrey, June
Property Litigation Roundup...
Domain Names: Marketing Dream...
Solicitors Journal, May
"Absolutely Perfect": The Verdict... (Video)
Youtube, May
Advanced Settlement Agreements...
Lexis Nexis, May
For Fairness and Good Reason
Solicitors Journal, April
Introduction to Settlement Agreements
Lexis Nexis, April
Reviewing the Law on Industrial Disputes
Lexis Nexis, April
Liza Zucconi Chambers Foreign Expert
Chambers, March
Spotware wins right to domains...
LeapRate, March
Teachers Strike over Pensions
BBC Radio Sussex, March
The Benefits of Zero-Hour Contracts
Lexis Nexis, March
Will New Early Conciliation Rules...
Lexis Nexis, February
Does the Annuities Market need Stricter...
Lexis Nexis, January
Corporate Social Responsibility...
Solicitors Journal, January
Jonathan Silverman discusses...
Youtube, January


Managers Brace for Legal Tasks...
Pensions Week, December
Jennie Kreser on BBC Radio Sussex...
BBC Radio Sussex, December
Directors Owe a Range of Duties...
Solicitors Journal, November
Pensions Update
Solicitors Journal, November
Is the Legal Profession Embracing...
Lexis Nexis, November
Nicholas Lakeland Leading Individual...
Chambers, November
Jennie Kreser discuess Auto...
BBC Moneybox, November
Will shareholders actually exercise...
Solicitors Journal, October
Nicholas Lakeland on Bullying and...
HispaniaTV, October
Effective Exclusion in B2B Contracts
Solicitors Journal, August
DC Code Denotes 'Paradign Shift'...
Professional Pensions, July
Lehman, Nortel & a more certain future...
aiCIO, July
When is a Partner really a Partner?
Solicitors Journal, June
‘Never be too Rigid in your Thinking’
Legal Cheek, May
No Fool Like a Young Fool
Engaged Investor, May
UK Regulator Offers Help For...
aiCIO, May
The top financial tweeters to follow
Financial Times, May
UK Regulator Offers Help For...
aiCIO, May
A star is born
Solicitors Journal, April
PPF rapped over the knuckles
Pensions Insight, April
Pension shortfalls threaten...
The Telegraph, April
Top Tips for Negotiationg a Compromise...
Lexis Nexis, April
Extended Warranties and Price...
Lexis Nexis, March
See you later, Regulator
Pensions Insight, March
Pensions problems for modern families
Engaged Investor, March
Schemes "Panicky" Over New Contingent...
Pensions Week, March
RBS Libor Fine, Nicholas Lakeland...
BBC Radio 4, February
Jumping Through the Hoop
Engaged Investor, January
Schemes Face Payouts Following Civil...
Pensions Week, January
Nicholas Lakeland on Channel 5 News
Channel 5 News, January
Flat Rate State Pension Announced
BBC Radio Sussex, January


Concerns Raised Over ETV Monitoring...
Professional Pensions, December
Pretty as a Picture
Solicitors Journal, November
Pensions Update
Solicitors Journal, November
Which Pension Schemes are most Suited...
Lexis Nexis, November
George Entwistle's BBC Severance...
BBC Radio 4, November
Will Proposed Equality Act 2012 Changes..
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Pensions Burden Sends Homeless Charity...
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Life After Selling Your Business
Solicitors Journal October
Regulator Shelling Out Thousands on..
Pensions Week, October
Advisers on Compromise Agreements...
Law Society Gazette, September
MOD Fined
Pensions Week, September
Dealing with Artistic Design
Solicitors Journal, August
RBS Libor Fine...
Sky News, July
ECJ Ruling Raises Chances of UK...
Pensions Week, July
DC regulation has too many chiefs...
Pensions Week, July
Appointing a Distributor or Agent...
Solicitors Journal, June
For Richer, For Poorer...
The Times, June
UK Opposition Urges NEST Trustees to take...
IPE, June
Take an Active Role when Acting for...
Solicitors Journal,May
Why isn't the Pensions Regulator Chasing...
Financial News, April
Lawyer Calls into Question High Court...
FTAdviser, April
When Buying Valuable Second-Hand...
Solicitors Journal, April
Police probe pub gig Nazis
Wales On Sunday, April
Unions unlikely to win inflation...
Pensions Week, March
Yorkshire Ripper takes State Pension...
IFA Online, March
Alternative Investments
Solicitors Journal, March
Pensions Reform: How to advice divorcee...
IFA Online, January
Business Prenup
Solicitors Journal, January